Planted, freshwater aquaria are a combination of art and science: Artistic in their creation, and scientific in their maintenance. A beautifully planted aquarium can add a sense of peace and calm to a home or business. The introduction of gentle movement and rich colour is engaging and relaxing. Inspired by the underwater vistas in the clear, calm lakes of Ontario, it is my wish to bring this beauty and tranquillity into the lives of others.

The mission for Tanked and Planted is to provide consulting and maintenance services for the long term maintenance of healthy, attractive planted aquariums.


Consulting Services

Most problems can be identified by a simple visit and a few tests to pinpoint the offending imbalances.

Testing and Guidance

The Testing and Guidance service level provides a cost effective approach to aquarium care. This service level can be tailored to individual needs and knowledge. The tank owner does most of the maintenance, and Tanked and Planted will test water parameters, provide a dosing schedule and suggest water changes when necessary. Once the system is stabilized, a visit-testing event once every 2-3 weeks is all that is required.

Testing, Guidance and Minor Maintenance

This package is essentially the Testing and Guidance level of support with some minor maintenance included. This would include tank cleaning and a physical inspection of all peripheral equipment. This is a weekly event and the client would do all water changes and filter cleaning if they wish.

Weekly Maintenance

Includes all of the above plus major maintenance, water changes and filter cleaning. The client is responsible for only fish feeding and water column fertilization if necessary.

Complete System Maintenance

This package requires no assistance from the client. All aquarium needs are provided including fish feeding and water column fertilization.

Complete Setup

From the floor up design, installation and aquascaping. This includes purchasing and installing all equipment, setting up all hardware, planting, short term maintenance and nurturing, and long term maintenance and livestock care.

Don't call me cheap, but…

Costs for a beautiful, planted aquaria can be quite expensive, but, if one is willing to spend some time researching, and doesn't require the latest rimless tanks and burnished stainless steel or glass components, real costs are much lower. Here are a few suggestions to reduce costs.

  1. Buy second hand.
  2. Dry fertilizers are much, much less expensive than store bought liquid fertilizers.
  3. Try the 'low tech' approach. Beautiful planted tanks don't really need CO2 or expensive lights.
  4. Local planted tank enthusiasts have extra plants that they otherwise would throw away after trimming, so ask for them. Hobbyists here in Ottawa and Gatineau are very social and like to share.
  5. Read online forums: Most online forums are free to join, and offer some of the finest advice available. Once you've acclimatised yourself to the formats – ask questions in the forums and wait for replies from the people you've come to trust.
  6. For new equipment and consumables purchase online from reputable Canadian suppliers, or join your local aquatic club and take advantage of group purchases.
  7. Join OVAS and take advantage of the Plantaholics social events. Several meetings in the Ottawa area are held each year for the truly hard core planted tank enthusiasts. We are a loose group of very social, planted aquarium types with endless talk on all aspects of planted tanks.

*Please note that all of these packages are flexible and will be tailored to the needs and wants of the client.*


I was introduced to snorkelling and the underwater beauty of the lakes in Ontario when I was very young. I was amazed at how beautiful and exotic the world was under the water, and have been trying to approximate those scenes in my own home for over 25 years. Some of the vistas that have inspired me can be seen in the pictures below.

I started at the age of ten with live bearers in small tanks, and quickly progressed to include anything I could catch in the local streams and rivers. In university I studied biology and in particular, plant physiology. One aquarium purchase led to another, and another and now I have many. I have a 300, a 90, two 65s, a 40, 25, and several 15 and 10 gallon tanks. My specialty is planted freshwater tanks.


Greg Thompson

Phone: 613-592-6267 or 613-668-6267